Our Story

In the heart of our beloved Amman, “The Royal Tank Museum” is born; portrayed beautifully and chronologically to tell a story of pride, dedication and most importantly the passion behind every single display, model and picture of all those men and machines who painted the books of history with their sacrifice and patriotism.
“The Royal Tank Museum” is dedicated to our history, present day and our future under the wise leadership of Our Royal Hashemite Family who were able to guide us through blazing challenges, obstacles and difficult times. Our Museum will take you in an exciting journey through history and will attract the attention of adults and educate children with the wealth of information and visual wizardry; let us take you through the past century on an exciting local and global journey that displays how wars were fought and the heroes of tank battles. Our Museum will also focus on Jordan’s involvement in the various conflicts and wars and the technological advancement in warfare developed by Jordanian minds and hands.

Enter the gates of history and learn more about the wars of the World, the Great Arab Revolt, and Jordanian Battle of Karamah and walk beside the famous Sherman M-4 and the T-34; feel the power of the Centurion and Challenger tanks. Learn more about the tactics of wars and battles, tank engines and modifications, weight and size in a very clear and educational way. Indulge in the real life of a soldier and enter a tank to experience life inside this powerful weapon of past and future wars.

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