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Yes Visitors can use the WIFI for Free
Yes, we have an actual sectionized tank that allows visitors to experience the tank from the inside allowing them to visualize the limited working space for the crew members. For a more entertaining experience, we have three Tanks where you can climb and take photos (Ask the guides about them).
Depending on your time and interest the tour ranges from 45 mints up to 3 hours .
Yes the museum offers guided tours for individuals and groups.

Yes, the Museum offers tours for all students who can learn about the history of tanks in a very educational and interactive way. Please Click Here for arranging your visit .

Yes, we have a spacious complimentary space for parking.

Yes, the Museum is handicapped accessible, wheelchairs are provided when needed..

The Museum displays around 120 Tanks.   

Yes, it is allowed and we would like you to share your experience with families and friends through your social network accounts.

Yes, we have a wide collection of collectables that we are sure adults and young visitors will enjoy.