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How do I book for a School visit?
Number of groups
The Royal Tank Museum can host up to 5 schools per day depending on student numbers in each school. If the school visit exceeds 40 students, then the museum will not host more than three schools per day.
Guided tours Group Size
The Royal Tank Museum can comfortably host a group of 15 students and 1 chaperone per guided tour. For educational and safety reasons we cannot accommodate more than that. We request that visiting schools bring at least 1 chaperone for every visiting group and not more than 2.
Chaperone Guidelines
We request chaperons to visit the museum before the scheduled visit for orientation purposes, and for instructions during the scheduled visit...
We request chaperones to participate in the guided tours. Chaperones are responsible at all times for ensuring students act in a safe and responsible manner during the visit and while on museum premises.
Chaperones must stay with their groups at all times.
Chaperones may not use their cell phones during the experience and make sure phones are silent. For taking photos, please refer to the Museum Behavior Guidelines
Chaperones may not bring additional children or students to attend the tour experience.
Chaperones must help promote the Museum Behavior Guidelines for visiting Students.
Museum Behavior Guidelines for visiting Students
The goal of the Royal Tank Museum is to provide an environment with great learning experience for all visiting students. For creating such an environment, we kindly ask your students to remember the following rules:
1. Walk in the Museum, running is not allowed.
2. Listen respectfully and closely to the Museum Guide and to your chaperone.
3. Respect others in your group and other museum visitors and staff.
4. Experience the museum displays through learning from the guided tour. Do not touch the displays without permission from your Museum Guide.
5. Enjoy food and drink before you visit the museum. Food and Drink are not permitted on museum premises.
6. Large bags, backpacks, umbrellas and stroller bags are not permitted inside the museum.
7. Taking photos is allowed during the guided tour once the museum guide allows.
Museum Check-In
• Pre-arrival: Please have an accurate count of all participants and divide student into groups.
• Arrival: Arrive 10-15 minutes early to allow time to check-in, restroom breaks and to obtain the admission tickets from the front desk. Museum Guides will help organize groups while the chaperone checks-in at the front desk.
• Post arrival: Chaperons are kindly requested to guide their groups to their buses once the tour is over.
• Bus drivers are welcome to join the tour once the buses have been parked, attending the first group.
Outdoor Museum Premises Rules
Outdoor Premises are not to be used for school activities nor be treated as an outdoor park.
The front entrance of the museum is to be used as a Bus Loading/Unloading zone ONLY.
Once students are unloaded Buses are asked to move to the designated parking zones.
Once students are loaded backed on to the Buses, buses are kindly asked to be on their way.
We kindly ask to strictly abide by the Outdoor Museum Premises Rules for safety reasons.